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Focussing on six key themes emerging from Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships, the regional Healthcare Leader Forum events will provide the answers to delivering the goals as set out in these landmark plans.

Featuring leading names from policy, commissioning organisations, social care and public health, they will focus on in-depth debates and discussions on how to make the Five Year Forward View a reality in the midst of a harsh financial climate. We will also consider what your future health economy will look like and what your role will be.

2016 saw the creation and publication of 44 Sustainability and Transformation Plans which will direct the redesign and development of NHS Services across local footprints in line with the Five Year Forward View. 2017 has seen the plans re-branded to Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and the first few are set to receive funding. However, uncertainty remains surrounding exactly how each STP will implement its strategy and where the required monetary efficiencies will be found. The finer detail of plans will develop over the coming months and these events will ensure you don’t get left behind.

The six events, in three locations, have been designed to reflect regional priorities and will cover:

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